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Home for the Holidays?  AARGH!

A psychologist in Houston has suggestions for those who think being home for the Holidays is like taking bitter medicine.  In today’s economy, when Home may be the only possible option, Sally Porter Ross offers a spoonful of sugar to help you de-stress.

1. The gym.  Maybe not for Christmas Day, but a good possibility for December 24 and 26.

2. The spa.  A long soak in the jacuzzi may take away the slings and arrows of overly frank family.

3. A spiritual place. The quiet may sooth you and allow balance back into your mind.

4. The office.  At least here there’s no one reminding you of your antics when you were two years old.

5. Anywhere but home.  Call it a “victimless lie” or a “white lie”, anyone can have a sick friend in need.

This is great, you’re thinking.  But what about Hanukkah? Not just one day here.  Well, there’s that special weight reduction program at the gym – four hours every night to get you in shape for the New Year.  There’s that special holiday sale at the spa – a nightly regime of age-reducing massage and facials.  There’s that yoga retreat –  seven evenings of warrior one and downward dog.  There’s that special project at the office – late nights every night for a week.  There’s heavy holiday shoppers’ traffic every night on the road.

My personal advice?  Go home for the holidays and consider it an opportunity for growth.  Pun intended.


Mary Lou Bernardo, PhD, MSN


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