Data-Driven Pharmaceutical Prescribing

During the past year I had the privilege of interviewing three medical students from Yale University (  These medical students, along with a former Yale student now a medical resident, founded a clinic in Nepal through their organization, Nyaya Health.  That is unusual for busy medical students.  However, medical clinics are started every day.  But Nyaya Health IS unusual.  It’s goal is to be self-sustaining and transparent.  This is not a do-good-and-run sort of endeavor.  This is not an us-and-them foundation.  EVERYTHING about Nyaya Health is on the Web  ( and Nepalese health care providers were and are part of all decision making.

Today I receive a holiday greeting from Dr. Duncan Maru, one of those medical students.  He sent me an update on Nyaya.  And what an update! 

President-elect Obama, Cabiinet Member-to-be Tom Daschle, and all pharmaceutical companies – take heed.  Here is a model for you to follow.

Don’t just write a prescription.  Study, look at outcomes, heed the data, provide support services as well as pharmaceuticals and – educate. (See Nyaya blog section on low back pain.)

In todays’ climate of financial strain, it’s more important than ever to make that bottom line equal outcome as well as dollar signs.  Nyaya Health has something to teach us.


Mary Lou Bernardo, PhD, MSN


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