Perhaps A Blessing In Disguise

Jane Brody’s column in yesterday’s Science Times echo’s the thoughts in my Monday blog. Perhaps this major recession has a silver lining. It may improve the diet and decrease the weight of Americans. The key is planning and making use of time


If you have been “furloughed”, take that extra time and use it well. One way to use it well is to cook nutritious meals. Good nutrition doesn’t have to be expensive. Remember the value of whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Buy frozen vegetables (as, or more, nutritious than fresh) and buy the store brand. If you like your vegetables crunchy, don’t cook them according to the package directions. Less cooking time will result in a crunchier vegetables. Whole grains can be combined with a dairy product or a small amount of meat or fish to give you a satisfying and tasty meal that is good for you. Not only that, but tasty foods high in nutrients and bulk may even help you lose weight!


Take that extra time and cook large meals; then divide into smaller servings and freeze for harried week nights. And don’t forget those leftovers! They can be eaten as is or combined into other meals.


If you haven’t been “furloughed”, you can still find time on weekends to cook one large meal, then divide and freeze. Use a little ingenuity and creativity. Experiment and see what you and your family like.


If you have lost your job, all the more reason to shop and cook wisely and creatively. Now is the time to change bad habits.


And, again echoing my Monday blog, use your time, unexpectedly extra or just what you have always had, and spend it with family. Not only will grandparents be full of helpful hints on economizing, they will enjoy the time you spend with them. And children can have good ideas too.


If this recession gets Americans back on track to healthier living, it may well be a true blessing in disguise.


Mary Lou Bernardo, PhD, MSN


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